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October 21, 2020

ESPN NBA: A mistake or out of respect for Spurs

Before season started, ESPN NBA never give the Spurs a chance to make this year NBA playoffs. Then even at the images they posted the Spurs not included, Okay! the Magic, Pistons, Clippers and Pacers were also not included. Does ESPN really did a mistake or they don’t really give a chance? The Clippers will be facing the depending champion, the Magic barely made a playoffs, Pistons settled it on a final night of NBA schedule and the Pacers, Victor Oladipo was out with ACL tears. Maybe as a fans we are little sensitive, looks like they were not interested to talk about these teams that they think don’t belong in NBA. Okay experts, the odds aren’t on this side of these teams but they will prove they can beat anything and Spurs are one of them.

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