September 27, 2021

Don’t sleep on Spurs Luka’s potential

The Spurs surprised pick last season in NBA Draft Luka Samanic play a handful of minutes in the Spurs last game against the Utah Jazz. The forward responded well with 16 points, in 5 of 10 from the field, made 3 of his 5 shots from the arc, grabbed 6 rebounds, and dished 3 assists in more than 30 minutes. All are career-high.

With his critic’s slander the Spurs on choosing him earlier than should be expected especially with Brandon Clarke of the Memphis Grizzlies playing well for his team.

But in this game, Luka Samanic shows his potential why the Spurs are so high about him.

Luka Samanic takes no hesitation with his shooting just like the Dallas Mavericks legend Dirk Nowitzki. You can count for the money when he’s wide open. A guy with a 6’9″ length that can put the ball on the floor is unstoppable when he knows how to use an advantage. The kid from Croatia knows where to place himself offensively.

The most impressive is about the passing game, his intelligence where to find wide-open teammates by using a touch pass. Few European big men can do this kind of art, it’s like a Vlade Divac back in the days.

About Samanic defense, he looks great as he knows how to stay in front of his man. He got a quick foot to guard his man. Spurs Luka just simply put his hands up so he can bother his man without fouling.

A lot of need to improve on his game, first his footwork in attacking the lane which he can’t get away from his guard. Samanic had struggled to score when his body was outbalanced, luckily is foul will be called

In other areas is the aggressiveness when diving to 50-50 lost balls.

With this impressive game of Luka Samanic, some fans enjoyed his stay on the court. Here are the praises of some fans.

Solid game. You have all the tools. Come back more aggressively in all aspects w out the ball offensively. Hard screens, forceful cuts, deliberate quick pops, physical crashes on the glass. Then use that aggression defensively. via Eric Salinas.

See? If you have confidence you could be the next Porzingis or even better. You play great d, shoot threes, you have dribble moves and sometimes can even be a shot creator. Keep it up bro. Looking forward to next season. Work hard till then.

Great game today Luka, love the quick decision making with the ball in your hands. Great reads/passes and great shot selection. Work on your defensive awareness this off-season, when you start seeing things happen a half-second earlier on D you are gonna be an All-Star.

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