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October 25, 2020

Does it Right for the Spurs to move on with DeRozan?


With DeRozan trade in July 2017, the Spurs expects to improve than the previous season they had. With Aldridge as an All-Star, the team just a 48 win team. An improvement of a one-game than the previous season. With the downfall because of injury and trading Danny Green, the defense suffers.


DeRozan isn’t known as a defender and a poor three-point shooter. His best on midrange and attacking the lane. With a player option next season, he is looking to bag in another contract before the end of his prime.

This is a critical season for the Spurs who will likely to retain Murray and Poeltl services. With DeRozan will command a max salary, the team had to look at how flexibility they had in the future. With Lonnie Walker IV, Derrick White is the upcoming stars for the franchise.

Plus these young guys need to have minutes. As they played in the same position, the minutes will be reduced. Walker as a priority will likely need to share with his minutes. These guys played better defensively than DeRozan. With Murray and White, they need shooters to play with. They need spacing as DeRozan can’t give to them.


Then the question is DeRozan willing to stay with the Spurs after this season? While they can have a value for him they need to listen to the best package they can get.

The answer will be this season, if how DeRozan improves as a player. How he stays fit with the young guys. His shooting on three will be a surprise? Does his impact on the court will translate into a win? Then the Spurs could decide if what to do. The evaluation of how they can handle if the guy is a perfect fit. If they think it’s time to move on. The trade deadline is the last way to help the Spurs. There is a lot of teams who want to build around with DeRozan. Willing to take a risk.

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