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January 17, 2021

Do Knicks can really sign Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in free agency

The Knicks has been dead in Eastern conference and not yet played in NBA playoffs since 2013, the last time they had Carmelo Anthony. They had traded their supposed to be a franchise savior Kristaps Porzingis to Dallas Mavericks. Knicks creates a lot of cap space and can sign to max player where their priority targets will be Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

These two could do some damage with the Knicks along with young Kevin Knoxx and promising center Mitchell Robinson. As per Ric Bucher of Bleacher Report, it was a done deal about Kevin Durant signing to the Knicks. Will he really sign to Knicks than the Golden State Warriors? He already left the Thunder in 2016 to sign with the Warriors to find easier way to win and now an NBA champions twice. He doesn’t demand for a super max just to stay with the Warriors and he was chasing LeBron James, to be with James standard by winning more titles.

On the other hand, Kyrie Irving will be a free agent this summer and there are rumors that he preferred Nets over Knicks but this is unlikely where the Nets will likely extend D Angelo Russel.

Kyrie Irving had high probability to sign with the Knicks, if the Boston Celtics will fail this season and Boston Celtics can’t find anyway to upgrade their line up.

New York Knicks should fix the point guard position first. Then they can acquire Jimmy Butler as a plan B to help the team bring back to relevance.

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