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October 27, 2020

Did the Spurs make a mistake about Davis Bertans?


With Davis Bertans lighting up on the Wizards uniform. In the làst few games, he breaks career high into another one. He is lethal with the Wizard’s assault on offense. Bertans had a success he never did in San Antonio. He doubled his numbers in just 22 games he played in Washington jersey. Incredible in the last six games.

While the San Antonio Spurs likely miss his shooting versatility. The Spurs in the struggle before they win two straight ahead of six days off. It’s crazy to think that the man should be in Spurs uniform signed elsewhere. The man why the Spurs traded Bertans went crazy after giving up the Latvian shooter. The front office feels Marcus Morris Sr is a great piece to San Antonio. He brings toughness, scoring option and can defend well. The other one Demarre Carroll is yet to find his role in Spurs uniform. More DNP coach decision rather that we’ve seen him on the court fighting for the screen.

So why the Spurs gave up Davis Bertans if he is that good. Maybe the coaching staff thinks he’s been outmatched against the Denver Nuggets in the playoffs. Bertans is a 6′ 10 power forward but outclassed in the paint. His effort isn’t enough to minimize the effectiveness of Paul Millsap and Nikola Jokic. Until he went to the bench in the final two games of the series.

Davis was a key contributor to San Antonio in the past two years. Leading the league before All-Star break in three-point efficiency. He gives the bench another alternative offensively, on defense Bertans is great. His defensive rating is much better than what you’ve seen in the playoffs. A lot of years to improve he’s only 28.

Bertans mentioned he is overpaid the way he performed in the last season. This means it’s easy for the Spurs to extend him once contact is done. He’s not looking for the wealth all he wants is to play for San Antonio.

The verdict is San Antonio had a loss on this deal until Carroll stays on the bench for full seasons. The two had the same contract worth 7 million per year. So it’s disturbing watching him buried on the bench while the other burying threes for others. The consolation is Trey Lyles continues to be in rotation helping the second unit. The way he gives Spurs versatility offensively or even an effort defensively made the team better. Once the team recovers on losing November these scars of offseason will be forgotten handily.

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