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October 22, 2020

Derrick White Started to be more comfortable in his new role

When Derrick White made his name last season with a good playoff run he made his case to be the starting point guard. The return of Dejounte Murray had little debate who’s to take the position. Also, we thought the two can play together to be the best defensive backcourt duo. Instead, Popovich let Dejounte start with minutes restrictions and Derrick White leading the second unit. The most balanced roster in the league right now.

Derrick White had little woes on his shooting in a preseason game. Even in his first two games, he looks passive. But Pop trusted him late in the game in the last three-game that they win. Until in the third game, when Damian Lillard went to 18 straight points. White was calmly sunk his own bucket to give his team a good lead to secure a win. An efficient night with him finished 21 points in 8 of 11 shooting.

With him leading the bench White will provide his team another great playmaker. Keeping the team flow on offense, the perfect fit for Patty Mills and Marco Belinelli as a shooter. Then he giving his team a premier defender from the perimeter. White through three games he was given a task to finished it for Dejounte’s place and so far they secured a win.

The Spurs also had a history with bringing Manu Ginobili to the bench in championship years to provide the scoring and leading the second unit. Manu was a worthy starter but he sacrificed those numbers in his prime just to put his team in the best position to succeed.

The team for years relied on the bench too much. For the 2014 title run, nobody from the guys averages 30 minutes of playing time. That was their key to win they can rely on rotation until the 15th man. Bench helps starters to take a rest without sacrificing the game.

With Derrick White, he helps Dejounte to be fully healed. This time Derrick is looking more ready than Murray. He made the right play to his guys, he didn’t make bad execution down the line. Although Murray is the future he needs to learn more. In three games he had 4 turnovers in two of those games. The Seattle native will learn those from Derrick White while getting healthy.

Look the damage that Manu and Tony did in the league on their prime. The two legends were fantastic offensively while playing underrated defense.

While Derrick and Dejounte played all but five seconds together. They are fantastic in their specialty, the defense. Those five seconds means a lot for the Spurs future. That single stop they did to Bradley Beal will form a dangerous duo on both ends of the court. Offensively they are doing great but not yet excellent. They keep on working to develop their three or shooting.

The league is sleeping for Derrick White and Dejounte Murray. People thought Popovich give him a favor to be with Team USA last summer. But White deserves everything to be with the team.

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