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January 24, 2021

Derrick White: Spurs should pay me on every charge I’ve taken

Derrick White draws offensive foul most of the time by putting his body on the position in the right spot to call on his favor. The Spurs guard ranks 3rd (28 drawn) in the league for taking charges behind Kyle Lowry(32) and Montrezl Harrell (30) who played more minutes than him. This time against the Nuggets he drew 2 offensive charges ( 5 against the Kings). He also leads guards in blocks.

“The next time we discuss my contract I’ll take a clause that they will pay me every time I make a charge,” said White smiling.

Derrick White had a perfect timing either on the charge zone or outside the arc. With the unmatch defensive prowess it makes him special while sacrificing his body.

The Spurs guard is qualified to get an extension before the next season starts. This is his third year so the Spurs will likely to offer him. With the way, he’s playing now he could secure a contract. If the Spurs won’t do it, the next summer any team can offer Derrick White a more lucrative contract than the San Antonio can give.

There’s a certain contract on Rudy Gay this season that he will receive a bonus once he reached playing of 50 games. The last time Boris Diaw also earned a bonus on his contract after didn’t gain weight while playing in San Antonio.

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