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October 26, 2020

Derrick White or Kyle Kuzma, which one is better to start a team?

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Both players selected in the 2017 NBA Draft, both in the first round. Kyle Kuzma picked in 27th while White as 29th overall. The two of them had a huge role in their team.

Kyle Kuzma was an All-Rookie team who played 77 games and started 37. He averaged 16 points and 6 boards, but his team had the worst record in the league. In his second season, Kuzma played 70 games and 68 starts. He improved in scoring with 18 per game and 2.5 assists and still grabbing 6 boards. Still the same result as the Lakers miss the playoffs

Derrick White spends his rookie season in Austin. He just played 17 games most of this in garbage minutes. In his second season, with the injuries. White given the opportunity to work out. He responded well and the Spurs enter the playoffs. Where White had shown up in Game one and three as a hero.

The Lakers forward are a perfect fit for today’s NBA. With his size as a 6’9″, he can light up. Shoots 44% of his field goal and 34% from three. He can score by posting up or in the midrange. Kuzma was a good scorer for that size. Only the defense was the problem for him. He is a minus six of he is on the court per 100 possession.

While Derrick White scoring isn’t that great like Kuzma. Because he takes fewer shots. White was a beast on his second season and he proved that he can score when the games matter. His percentages are slightly better than Kuzma. With White, he can guard three positions. He is quick to help thee big in the paint. White defends the passing lane carefully. He averages one steal per game last season.

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