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October 30, 2020

Derrick White just started from a skinny kid to defensive menace in the big league

Derrick White has been cool in blocking shots in the league. He’s not get intimidated whoever he challenged in the rim as the last time against the Nets big man Jared Allen. In career White had a career-high of six blocks he did against the Atlanta Hawks last season. Among guards, White is second in blocks with 51 behind James Harden 52. The Spurs guard playing less than 1000 minutes. The third-year guard also tied at fifth with Kyle Lowry and Montrezz Harrell in drawn charges.

I think it helps if you can do both, block shots and take charges,” White said. “They don’t know which one it is going to be.” Derrick White quoted.

He only measured 5’5 as a freshman on Legends high school and weigh only less than 100 pounds. White struggled to make his own shot as he’s too small for the basketball. That obstacle didn’t stop him to work hard and made his name to the league after the Spurs pick him on 29th in 2017. White can’t help the team in rebounds, but he takes charge. “When I was small, that’s all I could do,” White said. “Be in the right position and stand there basically.”

In Popovich’s view, the number of charges White has taken is quantifiable proof of his defensive prowess and basketball acumen. “It’s just an anticipatory thing, thinking an iteration ahead and not doing things at the last minute,” Popovich said. “With every pass on the court, great defenders move in some way to adjust. Poor defenders just react and don’t do anything ahead of time. (White) has got a good feel for that.”

Derrick White is one of the premier defenders for San Antonio. He’s quietly taking over the game as he improved offensively. A playoff career game against the Denver Nuggets in game three last season buzz his name around the league. The guard also earned a final invite in a training pool for the USA Olympic team to compete in Japan this summer.

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