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October 22, 2020

Derrick White is a poor version of “Mini” Ginobili

Derrick White was been known in the playoffs last season against the Denver Nuggets after exploded for a career-high 36 points in game three of the very first round. Since then, the Spurs are high on him about his contribution to the team. With 25 minutes of playing in the last 63 games, he made good numbers but not a better team record that only settled to a 27-36.

Without basketball for more than 120 days, the Spurs found out no problem to scored a win against the Sacramento Kings. A big part of it was Derrick White who helps the Spurs before DeMar DeRozan takes over the fourth quarter. White had 26 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assists for the game. He’s been killing the Kings on both ends of the court. Every time Sacramento build up their momentum, White is ready to disrupt. He drew multiple charges either it’s on the rim or in the midcourt. White sacrifices his body against the athletic center Richaun Holmes. If the Spurs need a bucket White up there to provide.

When we think of who’s a legend we could compare to him it should be Manu Ginobili. He’s a poor version of the greatest player from South America. Manu did everything in order to win, a broken elbow, nose, or a testicle. The good thing is Ginobili had Tim Duncan and Tony Parker while Derrick White is playing together with a bunch of young guys. The Spurs is on a rebuilding stage.

Derrick White yet near Ginobili as a player. Manu is a complete package back on his prime. White is also a good dunker like Ginobili. If the former first-round pick from Colorado can be consistent and the Spurs can have a lot of success he could be the top five guards in Spurs history.

Same with Ginobili, Derrick White is an underrated shooter. Both willing to come off the bench. The difference is Ginobili adds flopping to his game that sometimes works in his favor. Then the finishing trough contact is what White need to improve. Also Ginobili had a trademark move and can create a shot through separation, White might work for it.

The Spurs are relying on Derrick White to duplicate more of his success which Manu did on his career. He’s the oldest among Spurs group of young guys but only 26 this year.

When these groups of young guys, is fully developed according to their potential we’ll witness Derrick White as a Mini Ginobili. A fearless kid who unknown to everybody in college and in the draft like Manu until the Spurs draft them.

Now the Spurs doesn’t have Tim Duncan but the group of guys is giving hope to everybody to contend in the near future. They’re fun to watch.

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