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October 30, 2020

DeRozan trade rumors to Miami Heat makes no sense

With the Spurs started worst than expected after 18 games. The DeRozan rumors and speculation are starting to get circulated around the corner. He is playing with one of the best seasons he had. DeRozan stock could rise up because of these things. People are raising the trade after DeRozan deleted his post on Instagram and unfollow the Spurs. The same scenario when he was traded by the Toronto Raptors last year to San Antonio.

They have been listed the Miami Heat as the trade partner. This is unlikely as I think the Heat doesn’t have enough assets to offer for San Antonio. The trade could be done if they will offer Jimmy Butler straight up. Either the Heat will give up rookie sensation Tyler Herro and Bam Abedayo which is uncharacteristic. These two young guns will help their future going on. The Heat best offer could be Justice Winslow, expiring contracts and multiple picks. But Winslow is an injury-prone defensive specialist who misses most of Heats games. If DeRozan could be traded to the Heat for the hope of higher picks, it’s not going to be at the top as they will improve their chances in playoffs. This means that the Spurs will trade DeMar it’s not the Miami Heat as the best partner for them.

This is not the best time to break up for San Antonio as a lot of games to play. As a team, they still not figured out how to beat hurdles for their success. They showed significant improvement in the last two games after they employed more Demarre Carroll on the floor. The rotation getting better for the team. It’s risky for the Spurs if DeRozan going to leave the city without a good return. But each group can figure out how to fix extension later. DeRozan looks comfortable with the city, while the Spurs isn’t a free agent destination for the past few years.

With the issue of consistency for the young guys like Dejounte Murray and Derrick White. The team is still loaded of talent that they are the only one can fix it.

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