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November 24, 2020

DeRozan on his critics: Appreciate you for doubting me

DeRozan posted a message on his Twitter ” S/o to the disbelievers, appreciate you for doubting me…

The four-time All-Star has been the most underappreciated player in the league. One of the reasons is he never excelled when every game matters. The Toronto Raptors lost three straight postseason series against LeBron James who built a superteam with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love from 2016 to 2018. He received more slander even from the fans of his team, most likely San Antonio Spurs 2014 bandwagon.

Remember this, Raptors are a 20 wins team in 2011 when Chris Bosh decided to team up with LeBron James and Dywane Wade in Miami. With DeRozan leading them, they keep on improving and reaching the playoffs in 2014 after missing five straight seasons. In 2016, Raptors had a game seven in the first and second rounds as he outshines Paul George and Dwyane Wade. Then in the Eastern Conference Finals, they gave a hell of a run against the Cavaliers before losing to six games. DeMar DeRozan works hard for the Raptors to put his team in a better situation which LeBron James failed to do.

In San Antonio, DeRozan also has ups and downs as the Spurs failed to reach the playoff for the first time in 23 years. But he helps the young guys to grow, to win games and compete for every second. If anybody doubts him, the coaching staff aren’t together with his guys. Injury and chemistry didn’t work well in San Antonio earlier this season.

Success is never about winning the title right away, but to prepare the group to get better and be ready in every battle that they’re going to face. DeRozan isn’t a guy who likes to join a superteam which is very common for a player in this era. He considers competing against the best in the league whoever with him. DeRozan didn’t take advantage of his influence to make his team better. He’s only a competitor who selective fans waiting for his bad game to tell their friends “see am I right?”.

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