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October 20, 2020

DeRozan need to attack for Spurs to win


Demar Derozan had quickness and height advantage when playing one on one. Early this season he had some games where the team went to him in clucth moments, againts the Lakers, he made the shot and versus the Dallas Mavericks he made another one.

On the last three losses, the Spurs went to Demar and he didn’t deliver on clutch.
Most of the time when he is driving and opponents focus on helping and stopping Derozan the others are wide open. In this one he is the best, he found Patty for a three against the Warriors founded Davis Bertans for an open three.

Derozan should continue to attack the lane to create plays. He demands attention that’s favorable for them. Dont settle for a long shot for a game winner. Slice and dice is the best way for them. Snipers around him and Lamarcus Aldridge in the paint.

They will have a best chance whoever they face in playoffs if Derozan aggressively attack the basket.
Derozan is not a choker, all he need to do is the best decision and every possessions count most.

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