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October 25, 2020

Dennis Rodman: It was a blessing that we didn’t win in San Antonio

The San Antonio Spurs traded Sean Elliott for the rights of Dennis Rodman. To pair with David Robinson the Spurs best player. Dreaming of an elusive title, the Spurs feels that they are one star away to win it all. But the goal was never meet and they got short in 1995.

Rodman told the USA Today that he was overjoyed that he never won a title when he is in San Antonio. He said if he remains as a Spur he never been part of the three pear Bulls squad.

” It could have worked but didn’t work. I’m thinking to myself thank God we didn’t win a championship in San Antonio. I thank my lucky stars. Because if I ‘ve won a championship in San Antonio I still would have been there. I never would make it to the Chicago Bulls and Chicago wouldn’t have that three championships. So it’s a blessing in disguise.”

After finishing the top seed with 62 wins in 1995 they lost to the defending champion Houston Rockets in six games of Western Conference finals. Both Robinson and Rodman can’t slow down Hakeem Olajuwon who average 35 points.

Rodman who averaged 17.3 rebounds in 1993 won his third straight rebounding title. He named also First All-Defensive team. With his on and off the court clashing with the front office he was traded to the Chicago Bulls in 1995 for Will Purdue.

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