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October 23, 2020

Demarre Carroll on sitting the bench: Spurs are the best thing happens in my career

The veteran who signed by the San Antonio Spurs for three years worth 21 million. Enjoying his Spurs game at courtside for forty-six times this season. He is playing through 15 games with an average of 2 points and 2 rebounds for nine minutes.

” I’m having a great year here having a reserved seat on a first-class together with the Spurs team. Only played limited minutes which means limited in handwork and having 7 million at the end of the year. Few people around the world can do this thing and I’m lucky to be one of them.”

The Spurs had the best front office on signing and developing players. They build an excellent team for two decades. The team’s around the league hiring coaches and front office jobs to run their team.

This time, those hiring became bad for San Antonio. They had a new assistant coach which I think Popovich is still giving them a lesson.

Again this is a frustration post the way coaching staff handles every game. They failed to figure out to put Demarre Carroll a chance. A guy who’s been to his glue guy into his career. Good locker room presence who can produce efficiently.

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