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October 27, 2020

Demar DeRozan Trade: Perfect for Spurs


Last July, he feel betrayed by the official of Toronto Raptors, he was traded to the Spurs. Suddenly, people around insulted Spurs by predicting not in the playoffs this April. Demar DeRozan failure in playoffs maybe a basis for what experts said. He was beaten by Lebron James team in 3 playoffs, the last one was a swept.

A scoring guard, with flaws on his defense, was far from the best two way player MR QUIT. An MVP candidate when healthy, and a Finals MVP, DPOY and ALL NBA team.

Spurs had struggled as season starts by, in December and January they had one of the best record. After the worst Rodeo Road trip, which they recorded all but one win, had a ten game winning streak. That competition is not an easy, but they all beaten the obstacles whoever they faces. And DeRozan is one reason of it, the attention he is getting is enough to got his teammates involve effectively.

He can post his man in perimeter and make a turn around shot.

Posted by Spursandsports on Monday, March 18, 2019

Can score in transition offense and can make any shot.

Read the defense and his vision on the court was great, finding open teammates.

Posted by Spursandsports on Monday, March 18, 2019

Can drive to the basket and even he missed it, somebody will get an offensive rebounds.

PATFO has been criticised by this move, as they don’t go with young Lakers players or tank the season. Sorry, the Spurs are winner, and they proved it in 22 years of basketball existence.

They are very good on doing trades, the other on Jakob Poeltl the only NBA player from Austria also playing well for the team. Then, they had another first round pick this June they got from the trade, which the Spurs are very good of finding of talent.

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