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October 24, 2020

DeMar DeRozan: Spurs most valuable this season


DeMar DeRozan is balling out for San Antonio Spurs. If not because of bad basketball in November he will get credit for his play. Most of us make fun that he is not perfect for the squad. But the man is proving of his worth even playing out of his natural position.

In a night that he made another spectacular job against the Rockets. DeRozan did good things to win over the Sacramento Kings. He made three points shot multiple times. It’s a rare thing to him and it’s good to see him keep trying to expand his range. DeMar had 3 three points shot out of his five attempts. The last one was crucial when he tied the game to 88. When he took another in overtime, he was fouled. His man trying to start to give respect to his three. Against the Los Angeles Clippers, he made another one. Making threes is so valuable in this league. It adds another dimension of the game. You can help your team in terms of opening the lane for your teammates.

Another thing he’s doing great is being a playmaker. When they’re down by three on dying seconds of the game. DeRozan perfectly executed the perfect play designed by Pop to tie the game. Only a good point guard can do those things in clutch situations. While the Spurs points guards of Derrick White and Dejounte Murray had struggled on their role, DeRozan makes sure he is there to save the team.

DeMar DeRozan was known for his scoring using midrange and slashing through the lane. He’s doing a little of everything since he is a Spur. Playing in a small forward position looks bad for him on the match up basis. The effort he gave to the team this season is something that the franchise needs from a very good player.

Paying DeRozan by extending his contract should be a team’s priority. Scoring for his crew when they need points. A playmaker while trying to cultivate the young blood. These Spurs young players need to gain experience. DeMar DeRozan is the key for them to contend in playoffs until they fully reached their own potential of greatness.

DeRozan could be another inspiration for the Spurs new blood who are still finding their way. To be a better individual on the court. Spurs young guys should find stuff on how to be better every competition. The bridge to being a successful franchise is DeRozan.

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