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October 23, 2020

Demar DeRozan should inspire by Avery Johnson by leading againts the Knicks


Avery Johnson was the Spurs point guard in the 90’s, but still got cut twice before signed a multi year contract in 1994. As per Popovich isn’t that talented, but for being competitive and the Spurs live with him.

Being competetive and a leader for the Spurs earned Pop trust. There was a time that one point guard from Portland TrailBlazer, Damon Stoudemire said that Avery Johnson can’t win a championship as a point guard. Then when the West Finals in 1999, the Spurs swept the series against the Blazers with the highlight of Sean Elliot Memorial Miracle shot.

Before Johnson hit the game winning shot in game 5 of the NBA finals, he led the Spurs in Game Four victory over the Knicks. Leading the Spurs to setting up his teammates with the advantage on the post with the small Knicks line up.


DeRozan had a talent that can help the Spurs secure 6th title. For him, consistency is the key to success.

His failure with the Raptors in the past haunt him. Analyst and expert don’t put the Spurs on top because of this or even own Spurs fans doubt of this.

DeRozan character fit with the team as he is willing to sacrifice his scoring to involve his teammates. With his first season as a Spur, he proved that he is not a one dimensional player. He’s perfect Spur for a long term.

With the guidance of Pop and front office success to put perfect player around him they can figure it out how to raise another one trophy.

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