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November 24, 2020

DeMar DeRozan and LaMarcus Aldridge had a great start for the Spurs


The tandem of DeMar DeRozan and LaMarcus Aldridge are playing on the next level through three games. The two had been a go-to guy in most of their position. If they need buckets they can score consistently. With Aldridge who scored an efficient way with his midrange and post up. While DeMar DeRozan had his two consecutive games where he put the Spurs to win the game. With a bad three quarters against the Knicks, he scored 10 points and made a play for his team in the final quarter.

The big reason for their success is the depth of the team. With the return of Dejounte Murray, the defensive assignment on both of them lessened. With Murray in front of the opposing team’s best player, they can hide DeRozan on the less offensive threat on the court. He can save his energy and can focus on offense. Because there’s a lot of option DeRozan enjoys his moment with playing isolation. He played most of his minutes with fellow starters who can put the ball on the floor and can create on their own. So DeRozan improved his scoring off the ball also. Then this is already on his second season where he perfected the chemistry with the team. He is not forcing too much for the long midrange. When he had the ball in the final seconds against the Wizards the usual he’s doing is he take a jump shot. But on that play, he took the play to the rim. Signs of maturity for his game.

While Aldridge’s impact on both ends was so valuable. Playing together with Jakob Poeltl is good and with Trey Lyles so far is excellent. As we mentioned above the Dejounte Murray impact was doing great. When wing players get to the rim they are in a not good position to score then Aldridge takes advantage of this to swat the ball. The luxury of having Lyles helps him a lot. The guy can secure rebounds and can give the ball Aldridge on the right spot. With Jakob Poeltl coming off the bench, Aldridge can rest good enough. Also with the natural playmaker of Dejounte, he is not really relying his points on by himself too much.

The two were labeled as a borderline All-Star and they believe the Spurs can’t win it all. The last time the team that had like this was the Detroit Pistons in 2004. Although there’s a lot of games to play, the Spurs is on the right track to make a good run this time around. They are healthy, more potent on offense. Spurs add transition game to be their weapon in the offense. If they keep doing this, Spurs can get respect and can make a better run.

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