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October 21, 2020

Dejounte Slowly getting his rhythm

If you doubt Dejounte Murray about his future in San Antonio. You’re totally wrong. If you fear he will turn the ball over every time he touches it. Then you better had no idea about his fate. Murray almost had a triple-double in a game against the Portland Trail Blazers in limited minutes. Offensively he needs to improve a lot. The reason why he’s demoted into starting five is the familiarity. Once he completely figures out how to run the offense. The starting point guard belongs to him. The Spurs didn’t sign him not to be a second option.

The offense can study regularly. With Popovich employed Dejounte at the end of the game in the last two wins. A huge boost into his confidence. After hitting the game-winning shot over the Sacramento Kings. Murray will not hesitate to create into his own. He turned the ball because he’s a lack of belief in his own shot. Thinking twice what to do into a position where double teams, quick hands are looking to swipe the ball. One of the reasons why he’s leading the team in turnover.

Murray is one of the quiet heroes in a win over the Rockets. Before DeMar DeRozan steps in to draw an offensive foul. Murray forced James Harden to find another way to score because of his straight-up defense. Before we count Murray’s errors in overtime. He leads the run to come back in the game. He just finished the game three times this season. That’s all win.

Murray is just starting to regain into being himself. He’s only 22 who began to realize his capability. The kid had the most upside among the squad.

Being an MVP defensively to his team or on an elite level in the league. It’s a dangerous ability if he’s dominated at his young age. The defense is the best game-changer of the game. Shift the complexion of the contest by the defense alone. It can energize the whole team effort to put a stop. Guarding the passing lane can lead to a steal which can be a transition point. Murray brings toughness on defense by hustle that analytics can’t track. Popovich’s faith in Murray is gradually back in just a matter of time. Until he will minimize his mistakes. Take advantage of his strength to help his team better.

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