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October 30, 2020

Dejounte Murray’s Return Good for the Spurs and a Problem for the Rest of the League

We almost forgot that the Spurs had another starting point guard, when Derrick White exploded for a dunk and a career game in NBA playoffs. We think this is his time to start, but this is for Murray’s job since he was drafted and to replace Parker.

On just his second season where he played 81 games with 48 starts, he was an All Defense team. Improved on his scoring with 8.1 points, rebounds 5.7 per game, 2.9 assists and 1.2 steal per game. Defensive strategy of Spurs will start with Murray. Last season he was the best defensive wizard of the team. With defensive rating of 98 as per Stats, of course the No. 2 who is playing with the Raptors now top the list but just played 9 games and quit with the team after the Nets game.

Spurs lack of defensive intensity on perimeter ranked them 20th in the league. White was only the one excelled. If Murray returns, then it is a night mare for the opposing point guard how to survive. Defensively, his length that help him stealing the ball. In Western Conference which All Stars point guard that he will face. Proven veteran Chris Paul, MVP’s Stephen Curry and Russel Westbrook, upcoming Jamal Murray, and Mr Clutch Dame Lillard. Spurs point is not yet on the same level of these guys. But with his defensive IQ, it is hard for these guards to set play or scored. If Murray can force his man to contribute subpar performance the better the odds for them to win.

Offensively, spacing for the team will be an issue here. With lack of three point threat in four of the Spurs projected starters ( Poeltl, Aldridge, DeRozan, Forbes, Murray). Murray buckets mostly came from the rim. His three point shooting got a major dropped on last year productions from 39% in his rookie year down to 26%. He need to improve with this category as the leagues now requires spacing. Although he can score within five feet from the rim. As per he help the San Antonio Spurs scored 1.0 per game in second chance points and 1.5 in fast break.

Sharing of minutes of who will be perfectly fit with each other will be Pop’s priority. He can deploy DJ, DWhite, DeRozan, Davis and Aldrige if they want spacing. As the Spurs will not worry too much for Davis Bertans defense if two best perimeter defender shares the court.

The only thing that Murray need to do is how to take care the ball, as his average 1.7 per game turnover. This is too much when Pop give him a lot of minutes. For 2.9 assists per game this isn’t a starting point guard numbers. The more he should made right plays the assist will come up and the offense will have a good flow. As the Spurs lack of shooters, Dejounte could look for a points in transition.

Dejounte Murray facing similar situation with young Tony Parker who don’t have a jump shot and without physicality when he comes to the league. Uses quickness to find his way to the rim for a points as signature teardrops his main weapon, where DJ also used this kind of shot. Then Parker just developed his mid range on his career with Chip. With Murray he’s long and athletic the Spurs can secure a bright future and a nightmare for others in the decade.

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