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October 30, 2020

Dejounte Murray’s growth is fun to watch

The point guard duty is to set up his guys in the best position to score. Helping his team to be cool when they rattle. But when your starting point guard taking over the game both in scoring and defense, it’s special. He gives insurance to get your franchise better. This is what Dejounte Murray did in their last win over the Golden State Warriors. He scored and played beautifully defensively. Murray did most of his damage in overtime scoring seven of 17 points. His midrange is started to be a good Tony Parker but yet to perfect.

Murray shot had no second hesitation he pulls up confidently. In the month of December, he shoots 7/16 from the arc which is 43 percent. Since he regains his starting job the Spurs went 8-7 and he minimizes mistakes turning the ball over 2.1 per game. Compare to 4-10 with 2.4 turnovers with the first 14 games. The contract he signed before the season started pays off.

Dejounte playing physically to his man using his strength to score. He put himself in the right position to be efficient. Murray slowly gives fun to his fans. The turnover machine now cared for the ball rather than losing them. He is really far from being the top point guard. But he is fantastic to watch in transition.

The game is now relying on more shooting from the arc, step back and going to the free-throw line. Murray is different, play smart on defense and get a chance to score in the running game.

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