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October 23, 2020

Dejounte Murray will be a midrange master with an all-around game

Early in the season after he sidelined for a year with an ACL injury the struggles are real for Murray. With the Spurs losing too many games, it’s also the same amount of turnovers Spurs point guard throwing. He looks like a bad signing for San Antonio after a four year 64 million extension prior to the start of the season. His decision making isn’t the same as the starting point guard, it’s very bad. Dejounte hardly creates for himself or others, his jump shot needs to works a lot to fix.

The coaching staff is patiently waiting for Dejounte to get back into his groove. When he’s not starting, rumors start to circulate if he gets traded. But the kid from Seattle battled his way to get back on his own role. Give the team’s hope despite losing.

With his improvement Spurs point, guard fixes his midrange shot. Murray is a whopping 62% shooting at the rim(97/157), 52% from 10-16 feet (49/97) and 47% from 16 feet to the arc (36/78). The lowest is beyond 3-10 feet on which helps come. There’s no doubt that this kid will be a midrange king. With an improving dribble, he knows how to get away with his man. Dejounte used it to put his defender into a bad position so he can get a good shot. Also, given on his advantage that he’s a 6’5 guy with outstretched arms. The more he can improve his decision making it makes him a dangerous weapon.

People doubt with this raw kid who isn’t willing to take a shot from the arc. But the truth is he’s trying for two attempts per game and converted 39% from it. There’s no hesitation in Murray’s eyes to take it. Contrary to teammates DeMar DeRozan that continue to refuse the three-point line, Dejounte knows how to make it.

The Spurs are known for being on top with defense. This is Dejounte Murray’s specialty, a good honest defense. Whoever he faces, he never backs out. There are few point guard in this league that can do both ends of the court. Give him a guy who can help him defensively in the rotation then the Spurs could be back at the top of the league while Dejounte is a defensive player candidate. When he’s playing with Derrick White, the Spurs is +3.6 per game. Murray is eighth in total deflections with a total of 183 give him more minutes and he will lead the league. Per 36 minutes Murray second in the league with loose balls recovered.

The Spurs point guard just playing under 25 minutes per game. The opportunity is not really on his side despite being the fourth option on offense he still manages to make double figures. He’s not a point guard who cam make triple-doubles or three from the midcourt but he’s perfect for San Antonio who’s preferred a midrange and defense to win. The Spurs are in good hands, the healthier Murray he becomes a threat that scouting report not focused on his game.

Stats came from Basketball-Reference: NBA Stats

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