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October 22, 2020

Dejounte Murray starts to play like a point guard in this Rodeo Road Trip

The San Antonio Spurs continue to fall in their current Rodeo Road Trip after failed to secure the lead in the second half. With a 23 point in the middle of the third quarter, they can’t stop the Nuggets wings for hitting big shots from the arc. Spurs are now on their worst start with five games losing streak.

The one thing is positive about the San Antonio Spurs is their point guard Dejounte Murray. Even in a loss, he’s fitting on his role. The guard averaged 15.5 points, 7.5 rebounds and 9 assists per game at 50% from the field. Again 9 assist with zero turnovers. With the Rodeo Road trip, Murray had only one turnover with a total of 25 assists.

In a game against the Denver Nuggets which DeMar DeRozan out due to back spasm, Murray excelled on his playmaking duties. Being a primary ball-handler, the Spurs went to start to build a lead. He’s comfortable on his role all game.

In the previous games, he looks like a loss of confidence. Dejounte Murray just made one field goal against the Clippers and the Blazers.

Defensively, he’s been doing his job well by limiting his counterpart. Last night, Jamaal Murray has been shut down in the first three quarters. They work out well how to get away with Dejounte. The kid has been fantastic individually.

In the season where the Spurs struggling, playoff hopes in jeopardy. The point guard position needs to get better. Sean Elliot said that he’s a fan of Murray’s game. Despite his injury, he’s slowly coming back into himself as the Spurs want him to be after giving an extension. The decision making isn’t fully translated into a point guard thinking. Murray’s dribbling is too high that when he tried to make a crossover the ball doesn’t follow his body. When a isn’t falling he tends to guess himself what he will do inside the paint which can lead to turnover.

As long he keeps playing hard the Spurs will be alright with a good piece around him. This year could be a learning moment for him. The future still bright regardless of what will happen.

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