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October 21, 2020

Dejounte Murray Show Leadership and Potential against the Knicks

It’s only a one-game for Dejounte Murray to judge if he worth the 64 million he signed a day ago. But we can’t deny the fact the impact he had on the team. Just his first game in the regular season after he tore his ACL. His game without a doubt will be considered one of his best. Murray put his team in his back defensively on the fourth when his team was down. This kind of attitude was good to see for a young player and good leadership.

Even his game needs to adjust in his turnovers which he had four. The first one he committed was when he tried to post up his man. He received the ball too far from the basket near the corner three. Which he can work out on his awareness where is the right place for him to take advantage of using his length. The second one was when he forced to execute the pick and roll play on which his guys aren’t in the perfect position to receive the ball. These errors will be improved once the season goes on.

He scored 18 points the three of his field goals were in transition a product of good defense. The first thing to do after the right play is to look at the opportunity in transition. He made his case run the ball take advantage of his athleticism. Murray made all of these fastbreak play plus he drew a foul for a bonus. Right observation for him on which the Spurs not relying on the three-point shot.

Dejounte only attempted a three late in the fourth to put his team to a comfortable lead. It was a wide-open no hesitation look. It’s a good sign that his confidence to take a shot when needed. He also put the good play on defense when he forced to drew an offensive foul. The good thing is he managed to take care of the ball. Although he doesn’t close the game in the final minutes. A good indication for the team who in need of a franchise point guard.

Another good story for the Spurs if he keeps on going like this game for Dejounte Murray. The struggle and drama for the last two years created by Kawhi Leonard will be forgotten. The Dejounte era in San Antonio officially started. He’s not a quiet guy, he speaks what’s inside on him. He speak for his guys when he injured, Murray was been outspoken about his gratitude for the team. A leader had to communicate with his guys on and off the floor. When he threw two turnovers in the third quarter he sits next to Tim Duncan looking to a piece of paper. It’s huge respect from a young guy from a legend listening to whatever he said.

Gregg Popovich prefers a player with high character as a head coach they look for a guy that fits for them. An individual who works hard for his team to win. Which they can respect his teammates even at the end of the bench his coaches, his fans and the organization. When Popovich waived Stephen Jackson in 2013 before the playoffs start he sacrifice the championship on the line. Jackson’s ego to demand to playtime ahead of Manu Ginobili and Kawhi Leonard creates a lack of good chemistry from the group. Also Pop lauded his displeasure about the Leonard saga in 2018 he wants clear communication within the groups.

That was Dejounte Murray, he communicated to his guys even at therapy to recover from his injury. He don’t demand minutes, not asking to close out the game. That should be his task because he’s the point guard. Dejounte is an intelligent kid who not rushing his time in San Antonio. He knows that his time to be great is on his way through hardowrks and discipline.

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