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October 27, 2020

Dejounte Murray should follow Avery Johnson work ethic

With Dejounte Murray struggling on the past few games the Spurs is now playing worst basketball. This is the first time I’ve watched the team losing so many games than winning. The one and nine for their last ten games were unacceptable for the team who should get better. Murray who started hot after signed an extension went on and off to his game. As we know that his shot isn’t perfect, most of the time he lost the ball that cost to turnover. Murray’s turnover to assist ratio is bad for a point guard.

Dejounte should not lose hope for his game. He should inspire himself by looking at the another Spurs former point guard, Avery Johnson. The undrafted point guard is one of the best leaders of that San Antonio squad with David Robinson. Johnson was been cut twice by the Spurs before he became a mainstay from 1994 to 2001. This Little General as they called isn’t a talented point guard if we compare to others in the league. But his character to take over when needed, his leadership, the competitive spirit is second to none. The Spurs found success with him as a starting point guard until they fully made it in 1999. Johnson isn’t afraid to take a big shot as he shows in the game five of the finals against the Knicks.

He is still young with a lot of room to grow as a player. The team is committed to him to lead them to the future. It’s too early to be critics of his game. Murray is fast, athletic, long, and had defensive tenacity into his game. These things aren’t taught in basketball. Don’t look into his mistakes that he can work to improve. He missed a full 82 games, also he had different rotation players when he played. Now he needs to familiarize how to play with DeRozan and Derrick White. Offensive weakness can develop as he shows early that potential.

Like Avery Johnson, the confidence for him never fades. When Popovich calls for his number, Johnson keeps on trying figuring out how to help his team wins. Also same with Murray, don’t let his blunders stop him to be a good captain of the Spurs.

Also, a lot of point guards in the league without the best offensive mastery found success in today’s NBA. Rajon Rondo who had no touch outside the paint found to stay in the association for the long term. Murray should empower his strength by wrecking the paint using his size.

Fans who said Murray needs to go is crazy. Giving up on him too early got no idea what does process means. You have been hurting yourself by these losses. But the potential to be a star is there.

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