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October 24, 2020

Dejounte Murray is Mr. Turnover but his defense excelled

The potential to be a great point guard is always there. Dejounte Murray is still valuable to the Spurs rotation. Even he is one thing away to be great he did excellent plays for his team. It’s not his shooting but the way he takes care of the ball stops his potential. Nevertheless, Popovich trusts him in the court to help his squad. It’s awkward that he throws three turnovers in overtime. Two offensive fouls and a bad pass. Prior to that Murray had one mistake in the regulation, it may be two if Patty Mills didn’t take his best to save the possession.

Regardless of what happened Murray still up to the challenge of Pop. He is the big key on that comeback. With excellent defense, they made a 7-0 run to tie the game at 88. When the Kings had a 9-0 run again Murray show his stellar defensive acumen. Stolen the ball which resulted in a layup by Patty Mills. Corey Joseph forced himself to dribble backward against him the next possession. While Patty used the blindside to steal the ball that trims the lead into three after Murray dunk. In the final 20 seconds, it should be a steal instead of a jump ball called by officials. Murray’s effort to force a loose ball on miss shots gives the Spurs another opportunity that they converted into another two points.

Nobody can teach the way he can defend on the ball. When the first switch on the post against Richaun Holmes he gives an honest defense. The big man missed badly near the rim, another isolation with Harrison Barnes had the same results.

This league does not really focus on the defensive side of the ball. They think of how many they can score in a second. Murray’s excellence on defense is his bread and butter for now. In this way, he can help his team. The way Pop put him despite those turnovers can boost his confidence going on.

Young players had poor offensive awareness. These things can improve by working out every day. Starting to improve his jump shot and the way he put his guys in a better position to score. If his teammates started to fully trust him.Again lot of guys who excelled in the league just using athleticism offensively.

The defense is the most important thing when the postseason comes. Every team slowdown, they study every opponent that they will face four to seven times in two weeks.

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