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October 31, 2020

Dejounte and Derrick: Spurs pair that will lead the franchise in coming years

The San Antonio Spurs allowed zero points from the paint in the final 5 minutes of the game after a flagrant foul called against Bryn Forbes while Jordan Clarkson attempting a three. After Popovich put Derrick White to replace Forbes, the Jazz just scored 12 points, the last five is in dying seconds of the game. They allowed only one field goal from the arc on that period. This is what the Spurs are doing with two premier defensive backcourt tandem. The Spurs locked in Donovan Mitchell in the most important stretch of the game. The Spurs didn’t score too much but they made every single stop.

The two help on the stretch of a 19-4 run in the second quarter. As defense is always the priority of Murray and White. Murray had nine points and two steals that run.

People watching the Spurs are impressed with Popovich move by sticking to these two point guards to finish the game. If these two played together the Spurs get a good result for the game. Both of them disrupted the passing lane. If Murray played more than 25 minutes they’re 12-7, with White at same minutes Spurs are 12-8. This duo could be tough to stop and not allowing score easily when they played together. The Spurs are likely to assign more minutes, more responsibility to take over the team.

Both of them are point guards who can manage the game. Offensively they need a more consistent output to produce a good result. Derrick White has been steady for his playmaking while Dejounte needs to minimize his turnovers. Either one of them can penetrate the ball on the lane which an advantage for them as they stand 6’4. Both are quick or can post up to make plays. The two will figure out how to play on their strength if they use to play often more.

Defensively they excelled, there are few guys in the league that can play on that ends of the floor. That was the pride of these two backcourt partners.
Nowadays players aren’t fully committed to playing defense they care about draining threes and scoring 30 points per game. Few guys in the league can stop somebody in scoring. The Spurs are lucky that they had a bunch of it. Of course, ESPN doesn’t have defensive highlights daily. The impact of defense is a must need in a close game, playoffs where you face each other every two nights. The Spurs boys are coming to dominate the league defensively.

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