September 27, 2021

Damian Lillard revealed to Mike Tyson what three things he loves

Damian Lillard the Portland Trail Blazers superstar which outspoken about what he wants in life. He’s very open to his opinion about not joining a superteam because he wants to beat them badly. In a game against Houston Rockets a month ago, Lillard and Westbrook engage in a trash-talking.

In a podcast hosted by the former pound for pound boxing champion Mile Tyson. Damian Lillard revealed three things that he enjoys most. First, scoring a lot of points. He’s the team’s leading scorer with 29.5 this season and the second leading in franchise record behind Clyde Drexler with more than 14,000 points.

The second one is dishing Shaquille O’neal which the two had a war exchange about rapping prior to the start of the season.

The third one is about boxing the most entertaining sports of all time.

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