September 27, 2021

Damian Lillard believe they can win a title if LaMarcus Aldridge stay

Current Portland Trail Blazers point guard Dame Lillard pointed out that they could be a champion if LaMarcus Aldridge stays at Portland. The big man leaves RIP City in 2015 after sign with the San Antonio Spurs. That year the Blazers made also the playoffs with a first-round exit.

In an interview with The Players’ Tribune, Lillard opined that had Aldridge stayed in Portland, they could have won a title.

If me and him would’ve stayed teammates and I could get to the level I am not now, I’m like OK we could’ve for sure got one.

We had it to do it. We just needed to just stay together.

With the three seasons, they played together they reached the second round and lost to Spurs in five games in 2014. Lillard made a clutch three in the first round to advance. Maybe they will be a good team if Aldridge remained a Blazer as CJ McCollum’s significant improvement made them more lethal. After 20 years, the guard duo helps the franchise to reach the Western Conference Finals before losing to the Warriors. Lillard had a point as they can make own version by BIG three.

Also, Aldridge said that they fixed their relationship.

We’ve fixed our relationship,” Aldridge said. “It wasn’t us. It wasn’t us having an issue with each other. It was the people around us generating things that weren’t there. So, it’s harder to see when you’re in it, but I think now that we’re both on the outside looking back at it — we had that talk and it definitely made it better.

The reunion to play together is likely possible.

I keep telling him I’m going to come back and finish [in Portland],” Aldridge said

. “That’s something him and I have talked about—playing together again.”

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