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October 23, 2020

In a recent article of Bleacher Report, they compared if who is better Lillard or Iverson. The Hall of Famer point guard led the league in scoring once and an MVP. He led the Philadelphia Sixers in the Finals that lost to the Lakers in five games. Even without the best supporting cast.

However, Lillard who played in the West finals recently got swept by the Warriors. He’s playing on the shadow as the best point guard behind Stephen Curry and Russel Westbrook.

The Answer was a go-to guy throughout his career. When he got traded to the Denver Nuggets, they never pass the first round even with Carmelo Anthony as the main man. Iverson uses his quickness and crossover to create separation. He isn’t a reliable shooter from three but can score on midrange consistently. If he only played in this era, Iverson can put 30 a night and most of the time he can go to the free-throw line.

While Lillard is a perfect fit in any era of basketball. He is athletic and can put a bucket in long distance. You can’t only put your best wing in front of Lillard. Because he can score one on one, or even your best big defender they are too slow for Dame.

The Portland Trail Blazers guard is tough to guard all game long. If not for Curry titles and MVP he is the best point guard now. You put him on Warriors and he is the beast. Lillard had a clutch gene and the two-game winning shot to clinch the series is a perfect example. Did Stephen Curry make this on his career?

Iverson was fun to watch back on his days. But Dame Lillard can get the Sixers in the Finals if he played in the East. Injury and superteams ruin his chances to win a championship with the Blazers.

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