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October 31, 2020

Comparison: Modern GOATs vs Real GOATs

The modern basketball had all cameras at any angle of the floor. They had a review center in New Jersey for all those close calls. People are talking about them 24/7. We can’t miss them every second. To make the league more appealing to the fans, they change the rules. More offense, more run, more scores more highlights of basketball. Players love stats than winning, triple-doubles, free throws dunks, and a three-point shot.

Every great or superstar nowadays want to be on top by teaming up, not competing against each other. First LeBron James brings his talent to South Beach. Teamed up with Dywane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami Heat. Back to Cleveland after wing the lottery and trade it for Kevin Love rights to form another big three with Kyrie Irving. When Irving left, he followed and signed with the Lakers then made a move to acquired Anthony Davis.

Stephen Curry for himself helps recruited Kevin Durant in 2016. A runaway champion for two consecutive years. Recently, with a report that he’s trying to steal Giannis Antetoukoumnpo from the Bucks and create another dynasty.

Another one after winning a title in Toronto Kawhi Leonard signed with the Los Angeles Clippers. Requested to be teamed up with Paul George.

There’s also a guy named James Harden that loves statistics. Same with Russell Westbrook now his teammate. These beats every record on the all-time list. Triple doubles, consecutive 30 point games, scoring leaders.

It’s a crazy way to think that these guys’ success is because of the lack of competition. The Golden State Warriors as a whole and the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference. James Harden and Russell Westbrook had a choked job in the playoffs many times, an underachiever.

Unlike a long time ago, Larry Bird faced Julius Irving, Dominic Wilkins, Michael Jordan, and Magic Johnson to win a title. Jordan overcome the Detroit Pistons with the same roster when they defeated badly prior to that year. Jordan never quits with his team despite multiple seasons of failure. Magic Johnson, on the other hand, played as a center to win a title. While Duncan overcomes the Los Angeles Lakers in 2003. The rest he wins, whoever they put on Spurs uniform. Dirk Nowitzki had the game of his life against the Miami Heat in the finals. Singlehandedly LeBron and company in 2011. Then Kobe Bryant who had two first-round exits after Shaq left via trade.

They are the guys that show toughness. They figure out how to beat a rival. There are guys that didn’t win in their careers like Reggie Miller or Patrick Ewing. They had a chance, instead, they compete against another. They show pride for themselves. What if Dirk plays with Duncan in San Antonio they could win three straight. Steve Nash with Kobe Bryant on his MVP straight a back to back is possible. Same for Miller with Michael Jordan. Wilkins, Stockton, Miller and others who stay are the definition of greatness. If they join a contender they could win at least one.

Modern players should follow this kind of stuff before they proclaim themselves. The media can lie about everything care for the ratings of their show. But the greatest are those guys who competed for whoever they face even they lose a lot.

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