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October 24, 2020

Chris Bosh: Tim Duncan is a silent killer

The game six of 2013 NBA Finals was one of the greatest games in history as Ray Allen saves the game after making a three to tie it up and win in overtime and the series later as the Miami Heat win in seven games against the San Antonio Spurs. But prior to that big moment, Tim Duncan put big numbers in the first half to finish with 25 points. At 37 years old he dominated Chris Bosh, one member of the Heat Big Three. Bosh was a physical object, on his prime and a tough defender.

Duncan works from the post and a lot of ways to help his team, unfortunately, he’s not on the court for the last three plays when Bosh grabbed an offensive rebound just to find Allen. But Bosh shares that Duncan put him into shame that game when the former MVP finished with 30 points and 17 rebounds against him.

The former All-Star talked about Duncan in Zach Lowe Podcast.

“Hell no, it wasn’t cool. It was the hardest sh– I’ve ever done in my life man. It’s funny that you mention it cause I watched the film and I’m giving up about 20-30 pounds. He’s a heavyweight playing down at light-heavy, I’m a middleweight playing up at light-heavy. So like, he had the size on me but just every play down the court man, he was hitting me and Nah it wasn’t fun. Cause the way Popovich and their system is designed, they knew that they had the size advantage on me, so they were always, the whole series, I was being put in positions I didn’t want to be put in…And guarding that dude, man…it was just kind of like a moment of truth for me cause I knew I wasn’t going to score and if they put us in the rotation if I can’t guard this guy…I mean they had already been frying us from three. And this was coming off of a spectacular Game 6. He busted my ass in Game 6.”

Bosh also said Duncan is near impossible to stop with his classic move, from the hook shot, fade away, bank shot, and other varieties of the move. The big man describes Duncan as a silent killer.

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