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October 23, 2020

Can the Spurs had a shot with Brook Lopez

Every offseason after the NBA draft night, teams prepared for free agency. This offseason the Knicks can sign two supermax, the Lakers can also play well and Clippers proved they are a free agency destination as they had a good run in first round againts the Warriors.

The San Antonio Spurs don’t really had enough cap space unless they move somebody. They can sign another big names that can help the team. Enter Brook Lopez who is playing with the Bucks.

With his current contract with the Bucks, he was a steal of free agency last year. He produced more than anything. A best compliment with Giannis Antetokoumnpo, he spaces the floor well. With the Spurs he can give a lot of room for Aldridge and another weapon from outside and still very efficient in the paint. If the Bucks not going to pay him well, then it will be likely a season rental. With Middleton and Brogdon a priority, Lopez will be an expendable.

Enter the Spurs, Lopez will look for around 15 million. The Spurs can trade players like Davis or Patty. The two of them had a hefty contract and underachiver in playoffs.

The team needs a Brook Lopez shooting 36% from three and defending the rim with 2.2 blocks per game. With him, he can wait on three if Aldridge operating the paint. The Spurs had two options on the post can give the Spurs another offensive threat.

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