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October 23, 2020

By the numbers: Players who help LeBron James to be great vs people who help by Duncan to be good

Two great players who win into the next level of competition. Both went to the Finals multiple times, and win Finals MVP three times. LeBron James decorated by the media for his greatness, while Tim Duncan is special from the eyes of other people.

By the numbers, when we talk about career milestones James is far by miles from Duncan. But there’s a thing that relates their career different directions.

Although LeBron James with a great talent he quit with his team Cleveland Cavaliers in 2010 as he switches teams. He brings his talent to the Miami Heat with the top guys on their career with Dywane Wade and Chris Bosh. Wade is on his MVP year, as they win 2 titles in four tries. Then he teams up with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love to form another big three in Cleveland.

LeBron James with his ego helps him fired with his coach after leading the team on top of the Eastern Conference. Without using Google, there are less than 10 trades with James. In Cleveland, Andrew Wiggins traded to Minnesota for Kevin Love. In Lakers, the front office traded all young guys with potential for Anthony Davis. LeBron had his moments arguments with his teammates and coaches.

The Miami Heat can’t fire Erik Spoelstra because of Pat Riley. While Cavaliers owner eats his words after James comes back with the franchise.

LeBron James ran away after his famous “not 1,2,3…” and he put Miami Heat’s future in jeopardy. James failed his people despite that promise. Same he did in Cleveland after Kyrie Irving leave LeBron to sign with the Lakers.

On the other hand, let’s start for those guys who didn’t get drafted in the league. Tim Duncan cares for them as Spurs legend cares for them. From Bruce Bowen, Gary Neal, Danny Green, and Bryn Forbes who went undrafted got their career saved by the leadership of Timmy. These guys played their role and help Tim Duncan win. The league got no reason to speaks against Duncan.

Teams around the league are thankful to Mr. Fundamental. They had teams that have a bright future because of their front office and coaching staff. From the Atlanta, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Golden State, Orlando, Utah, Oklahoma City among the teams that got corporate knowledge from San Antonio. Their favorite quote ” we got a job because of Timmy”.

Tim Duncan wins with an old David Robinson, unproven Tony Parker, and Manu Ginobili in 2003. These run included against prime Kevin Garnett, a dynasty Kobe and Shaq, prime Dirk, Nash, and Finley and impressive Jason Kidd and company. He didn’t give a promise to win, he only give his best every second.

The other doing greatness with top players in their primes the other one is doing a run with half of his teammates are unknown.

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