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October 31, 2020

Bryn Forbes Should not follow Jsimms Fate

With the injuries, last season Forbes promoted to starting five. His minute increase he proved he is a valuable contributor all season long. Forbes played 82 games and started 81 of it. He scored 12 points per game on a 46% shooting and 43% form the three.

The former Spur Jonathan Simmons making his name in San Antonio. Also, an undrafted that later on, the Spurs discovered his potential. Simmons played significantly in the Houston series in 2017. After his two-year contract, Simmons feels that he can make a better career outside of San Antonio. Then chooses the Magic over the Spurs with almost the same money guaranteed offered by the Spurs. After one and a half years in Orlando, he was traded to the Sixers. Then get waived by the team when the season ends.

With the Spurs are healthy again and in full strength. Forbes role will reduce dor sure. All he needs to do is still play on his best every minute he stepped in. He will be a fewe agent next season. The Spurs also to decide the future of Murray and Poeltl. Then DeRozan next summer had a player option.

Forbes should not demand a lot of money and playing time. Just wait for his turn and show what he got. With the Spurs, he’s been secured for his career. This only the organization who rewarded the player on their hard work. Just ask Boris Diaw, Splitter, Mills, and others who played a huge role in the past. Spurs prefer an individual who respects his teammates and the game.

With the team, he can win in the future. Forbes is only 26 and he can be a valuable shooter off the bench with the Spurs.

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