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October 27, 2020

Bruce Bowen was the Best Pick up by Spurs ever

The Spurs don’t really have a splash in free agency signings. In recent years they had LaMarcus Aldridge who signed in 2015. In 2001, Bruce Bowen signed with the Spurs and established his career.

A journeyman who becomes a full-time starter in San Antonio. A premier defender on his career that helps Spurs won three more championships. Bowen was a seven-time All-Defensive team, two of it is a runner up against Ben Wallace. He was dubbed as the Iron Man on which he didn’t miss a game in three years.

Bowen was assigned to guard the best perimeter player. Likes of Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash or even much bigger Dirk Nowitzki. He also labeled as a dirty player by others. In the Finals, he guarded like Billups and Hamilton, Kidd, and LeBron James. He made James life miserable in the 2007 Finals. When the Spurs faces the Nuggets twice in the playoffs he needs to limit Allen Iverson and Carmelo Anthony.

Bruce Bowen overtakes the signing of Mike Finley and Robert Horry who had a great run with the team. Because of the longevity, he played with the team.

Offensively Bowen was the first 3 and D player. Using the corner three as his favorite spot. He was remembered in shooting the corner three to beat the Phoenix Suns in game five of 2007 playoffs. Although he is limited he isn’t afraid to take the ball on the floor and drive to the basket.

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