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October 24, 2020

Breaking: Finally Rockets will play in June after 25 years

With the league likely to get a return into play in June, the Rockets broke their own streak. The franchise will play probably in June after the last one is in 1995 NBA Finals against the Orlando Magic. With the years of choking after another choking job. The June schedule is yet to confirmed after CDC announced that there’s no event of 50+ in the next two months.

The franchise assembled a dream team in the 90s’ with Hakeem Olajuwon, Charles Barkley, Clyde Drexler, and Scottie Pippen but failed to win. Rockets will play in June just to resume the regular season, not the NBA Finals. They even tried to make to put good guys in the team with Yao Ming, Tracy McGrady, and Ron Artest but they yet to reach the West Finals.

The team tried Harden and Howard combination but they’re no match with the Golden State Warriors. Until James Harden demanded Chris Paul to be with him and the motto is Run as One. With Chris Paul, the Rockets is a game away to be in the finals with a homecourt. But Paul had an injury which led to a sideline in the next two games. With James Harden as the main man, they choked the lead. In-game seven they continue missing a record-breaker three as they moved 27 straight. The very next year they had again to face the Warriors then choked up.

James Harden is an MVP candidate that he means a lot to win. He’s the team and league-leading scorer. Together with his buddy partner Russell Westbrook, they could be a monster as a duo. But of course, James Harden who loves exposure os going to choke again.

” Watch him with a perfect choking job” Spurs fans said. The Houston did a perfect choking job. 25 years of being a suck could be record-breaking.”

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