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December 5, 2020

Brandon Clarke, a good prospect for the Spurs

Played three years in two college states from San Jose State transferred to Gonzaga. Dominating the paint and transition in college basketball. Already three years experienced, he was ready to contribute for any team that will pick him up.

His insurance, effort and energy that every coach want to a player. Clarke a good shot blocker and rebounder which can give extra possesion for his team.

In Gonzaga he scored 19 points and 9 boards with 3 blocks per game. He can really help the frontcourt of the Spurs who had lack of depth behind LaMarcus Aldridge and Jakob Poeltl.

His limitations, a consistent jumpshot or range and he needs to find multiple ways to score. Then he must improve his free throw shooting who Pop love to hate it, or else Clarke can hear his famous line of how to donate your car.

Clarke was so good offensively in the paint and can finished with contacts using his strength. With Rudy Gay isn’t guaranteed yet to sign with the Spurs, Clarke can led the bench. Clarke is willing to take a three that he needs to improve. The way he released the basketball is around his throat. Where it is too low for a shooter, and defender can block it easily.

This guy was compared to Michael Kidd Gilchrist a very good perimeter defender, but had a pure skill offensively. Brandon Clarke was impressed scouts in NBA workouts. An insurance that he will pick between 12 to 29 in first round.

With Spurs he could be another steal despite of his age 23 this September. But he can contribute to any playoff team with his energy and effort alone.

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