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October 20, 2020

Bleacher Report named two Spurs legends as the top shooting guards of all time

In the recent article of Bleacher Report, they had the list of top 10 shooting guards of all time. They used winning shares for 48 minutes, box plus/ minus, net rating swing is among others. We all know that Michael Jordan was the greatest of this position. The two Spurs legend who played was named after they meet their criteria.

George Gervin, 10

The Iceman who was known for his silky smooth finger roll. Played in ABA and ten seasons in NBA. His records in the four-season he played in ABA were omitted but he still cracks up to the list. On his NBA run, he averaged 26.2 only behind to Adrian Dantley 26.5 per game. He won as a scoring champion four times and topping out at 33.1 in 1979-80 season.

In the final game of 1977-78, he wrapped up 63 points to win his firsts scoring title. He beat David Thompson that time, Gervin needed 58 to win but he’s on fire with 53 points in the first half only. Despite playing 10 seasons only he was rank 40th in scoring all-time and if by a point per game Gervin was in ninth.

Manu Ginobili, 6

The Argentine guard was a four-time champion for the Spurs. In his era, he battled some greats in the same position. Kobe Bryant, Ray Allen, and Dywane Wade among others who also win the championship.

A super sixth man who won the award in 2008. Ginobili win in every level of his career. Because of him, he put the USA on notice that basketball is up tor everybody now in the world.

Manu Ginobili was the most famous Spur. A national hero to his land Argentina.

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