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October 27, 2020

Bleacher Report is right don’t count the Spurs out or else you’re dead

People came out of nowhere when the Spurs losing games. They thought this team had no future if they don’t change the personnel. Dejounte Murray isn’t a point guard the Spurs need to lead the team. He doesn’t deserve 64 million extensions after he turning the ball often. But these last two games against elite team Murray step up. Against the Utah Jazz, you can’t find a single mistake about him. Murray scores 17 points just in the first half alone to take a huge advantage against the top four seeded Utah Jazz. Prior to this game Murray scored 25 a career-high against an elite point guard Chris Paul of Oklahoma City Thunder. He’s outstanding on every guy on his front both ends of the court. He takes advantage of every mismatch in the switch by using his quickness to take his man to the elbow the best offensive part of his game the midrange. Even his single three, Dejounte Murray had no doubt to take his shot and sinks in. Defensively it looks easy for him to get a steal which he had four all night. The easiest is with Rudy Gobert in the second quarter after an inbound pass.

The Spurs are still four games behind the top eighth Memphis Grizzlies but the momentum for San Antonio Spurs after a huge back to back win is impressive. The Spurs had one of the easiest schedules compared to Memphis.

This is San Antonio who beat 13 top teams out of 16. They speak better than their records show.

Bleacher Report has been always right don’t count the Spurs out or else you’re dead. If you want them to be out of your sight, buried them in ashes because if you left their body they will rise again to haunt you. They had a complete piece to compete for anybody in the club. With the right rotation, Spurs can close and protect the lead. Dominating a team who had a guy that can put 30 points per night and another one with a back to back defensive player of the year is impressive. They had no Duncan on the court to guide this young squad but they pass the culture of winning into these guys. Competing in every second they were on the court together.

Right for the Spurs to pass the torch to Dejounte Murray. If he’s the top option on offense an automatic 20 point game. He never fades to every veteran he matches up on the court. This kid wants the responsibility to put the team in a good future. Regardless of what will the result of this season the Spurs are one of the sleeping favorites to create a dynasty. The earlier the better for Spurs if Murray improves on his scoring. When your guard can score 15-20 points per game then excellent on defense it could be a nightmare.

The league should aware of this kid from Seattle who giving the Spurs some sort of reason to keep on fighting even the odds and pundits aren’t on their side. This kid is still able getting the best of himself after sitting the whole season to recover from his ACL injury. Murray is not only going to steal the ball from you, but he’s also likely going to end your hope about winning basketball. So enjoy it until you can.

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