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October 30, 2020

Bleacher Report: Derrick White will be a Star

From an unknown in Colorado to be drafted by the Spurs in the first round. White proving people he is winning every step of the competition. On his second year, with the injury of Murray. He takes advantage of the moment.

A hero as he plays being a starter on his first playoff game. White seal the game with two free throws after a clutch steal. Then exploded to a career game 36 points in the game three. With the offseason, he was invited to participate in team USA practice squad. Until coaching staff promoted him to the national roster team.

Looks like Derrick White story is just starting. He started to make his name by playing good basketball with the Spurs. He is building to boost his confidence. White was a fantastic finisher as a point guard. The young point guard bullied his man to get a bucket.

The Spurs point guard was an efficient shot creator. He scores 45% from pull up jumper and 53% on every drive. White will belong to the top guards in the league if he adds a volume of attempts. The only flaw for him is he shoots 34% of his three. Which is only an average at best. While it can be fixed with the best shooting coach doctor.

The third-year guard a top-notch, a defender on or off the ball. His effort to put himself in front of his man is second to none. White is destined to be a great star with the Spurs and it already started.

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