September 27, 2021

Hassan Whiteside a Bad Investment for the Blazers

The Blazers reached the West Finals last season and get swept by the Warriors. Three loss was winnable for them until they rattled in the second half. They need the third option while Jusuf Nurkic still injured. The front office thinks the best was Hassan Whiteside. A center that put huge numbers in the box scores. They traded Myers Leonard even put fantastic games in the Western Conference Finals.

The center played for Miami Heat in the last five seasons. Put double-doubles last season and huge presence in the paint. But the big man had some chemistry issues with his coach. Whiteside demands playing time, demands the ball. He forces the issue it was shown that he never really pass the ball. On his career, he averaged less than one assists per game. This looks bad that Damian Lillard, CJ McCollum, and other shooters will wait for nothing if Whiteside had the ball.

Then Hassan Whiteside gives up too many offensive rebounds as he tried to block every shot. He is a slow-footed that so bad defensively than advertise. He’s not fit with the Blazers pace. The All-Star guard Dame Lillard and his partner McCollum need spacing to attack. While Whiteside doesn’t excel in pick in roll he just waited in the post to get the ball. He is effective only in a half-court set.

The Blazers were rumored to Kevin Love, they need to pursue. Love not been the same as his days in Timberwolves but he is a good player fit to Lillard. He is a good passer and rebounder with his size. Perfectly suited when Nurkic comeback, he can give spacing to Lillard and McCollum. While Nurkic making great things in the paint.

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