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October 20, 2020

Biggest Hurdle on Luka Samanic Game

The people who follow the NBA draft was in big surprise after the Spurs drafted Luka Samanic. A 19-year-old kid from Croatia who played in Europe. Most mock drafts knew that he will be picked by San Antonio but not too early on the 19th overall.

He shows some potential in Europe, he played years in FC Barcelona and Petrol Olimpija. But Luka Samanic is still raw for the NBA. He will likely struggle to find his bread and butter in the league. Samanic needs to unlock his three-ball skills to develop himself as a stretch power forward. For now, it’s hard to specify how he can help his team with his skills. It wouldn’t be surprising if he is erratic from three and limited shot creators and three-point shooter who fouls too often.

The best version of Luka Samanic is a big man who can shoot three, attack closeouts, moves around the basket, finish around the basket and move his feet defensively around the perimeter.

This weakness will be worked out in G League this season mostly. As like among others who home their skills than sitting on the bench.

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