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October 19, 2020

Best trade partner for DeMar DeRozan

The San Antonio Spurs need a major revamp if they want to be competitive in the future. They’re having the worst record after 22 years of winning with 27-36. For the first time since drafting Tim Duncan, they will be in the lottery if they can’t recover once the season resumed.

With the uncertainty of DeMar DeRozan’s future in San Antonio, they need to find another talent that can help the franchise to improve and contend. While some believe the Spurs not going anywhere with the former All-Star. Then the report of “unhapiness” looks like he wants out. The sign and trade will likely to get happen with DeRozan that also works out with likes of Kevin Durant to D’ Angelo Russell.

DeRozan to Orlando Magic, Aron Gordon to Spurs

The Orlando Magic is on paused for trading Aron Gordon after an excellent performance after losing to a slam-dunk contest. Evan Fournier will be an unrestricted free agent after this season. The question of how much money they will pay for a player that never to make an All-Star. The Magic has been rumored to DeRozan, which makes sense if they pursue this offseason. Aaron Gordon, he’s a forward that played the same position with Jonathan Isaac. The Magic coaching staff prefer Isaac services being a better and young two-way player than Gordon. They can find another talent that can fit their team rather than overpaying Fournier, at a cheaper price and pay DeRozan already a proven scorer that can help Nikola Vucevic.

The benefit of the Spurs in this trade is to give more workload for their young guns. With DeRozan on the court, Dejounte Murray is more like a spot-up shooter. Lately, Murray made a career-high in points when DeRozan was out due to injury. If DeRozan isn’t a Spur, Lonnie could start and more minutes for Keldon Johnson.

San Antonio is likely to draft a small forward to fix the hole they had in years. With Aaron Gordon, Spurs likely to get more athleticism on the frontcourt. The Spurs starting big man LaMarcus Aldridge is already 35 and a year left on a guaranteed contract. Gordon is more than a dunker, he can easily 16,8 and 3 per game. He is a willing three-point shooter that can space the floor for Murray and White. Maybe this is his down year but he’s only 24 years old that can excel to the Spurs offense. Gordon isn’t a good defender but not as bad as we think. His game is off the ball and attacking the basket. He’s been so good on open court and above the rim.

The Spurs should take a gamble at Gordon rather than paying DeRozan that already 30 years old.

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