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October 27, 2020

Best Landing Spot for Kevin Durant

With a player option Kevin Durant can be a free agent next season. He can command a supermax salary, which the Golden State Warriors has been lucky when he resign last year below of supermax.

He is now playing best basketball of his career. Chasing for his third title in his third season with the Dubs and already a two time Finals MVP.

Here are the teams that had a best shot to sign him.

Los Angeles Clippers

Trading away their best players and still in the playoffs and give an awesome series against the Golden State Warriors. They proved that they are the best destination of marquee free agent starting July 1. Jerry West made a great decision before the deadline trading Tobias Harris who will likely command a max salary. They can sign two supermax player, Kevin Durant the first target. If the Clippers can sign another supermax player, a high possibilities that Durant is coming. The Clips first will trade Danillo Galinari and they can fill their rosters from draft pick. Then look for Klay Thompson who’s been rumored Clipper as destination if the Warriors can’t give him a max. The first option was the number two from Toronto, as they love him even before the free agency begins. If either one of things the Clippers can do, then Durant may join them.

If no another star, no Durant.

Los Angeles Lakers

With Lebron James sharing the court with him, they are look like hard to stop. Along with the young guns. Lakers scheduled to be in playoff hunt again. Or they can make a trade for Anthony Davis. With an ability to sign another supermax, they are making a havoc on teams. Anthony Davis, Lebron James and Kevin Durant now in the same team sharing the court together.

The only thing why Durant won’t sign is he don’t what to be in a shadow of Lebron.

New York Knicks

Trading away the Knicks future star player, looks they are fine and they will chase Durant on free agency. The Knicks can sign two supermax. Durant and Irving their primary target. With an exciting young player and maybe getting the top pick this NBA draft. Knicks can be little certain in future.

Things why Durant won’t sign with the Clippers is Kyrie Irving went or any other food pont gaming.

Golden State Warriors

Anything can happened, he already know hot to used free agent power. They dominated the competition when he joined the team. Now looking to add with the same rooster.

Money, money is the only thing they need as they are going to set Klay Thompson extension. If Durant and Klay both demand to get paid, the problem comes with the Golden State Warriors.

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