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October 22, 2020

Bertans Should be “in” Three Point Contest


That guy with nine and a half fingers on his hand was snubbed in a three point contest this year All Star Weekend. He is lighting on threes efficiently, against Oklahoma on home and away games he can’t miss a three.

He’s shooting 48.7% from three on 4 attempts per game. The last time the team had a participant was in 2015 to defend his title and Stephen Curry won that time.

Maybe the selection committee didn’t heard the name Davis ( Da-vis) and there focus is on rumor of Anthony Davis demanded a trade. It is unacceptable that this man from Latvia can’t participate because the lacks of volume of attempts. While a former MVP that played fewer games an attempted less than 60 and a brother of former two time MVPs will participate.So what now?

Fans starting to write an appeal for this.Yes All Star competition is not that special, as I saw in the past TIM DUNCAN sitting on the bench and just played one minute? Oh that was Lamarcus Aldridge who played four last year.

That GUY want to take his chance against those who had record breaker of attempts, he wants some FUN.

Lets help this man. The link below was a petition. So guys let’s work together our MAN.

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