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October 23, 2020

Before the season started nobody talks about how special Dejounte Murray is

Despite playing on limited minutes Dejounte Murray doing his job nobody can think of. I never heard from others even some of the Spurs bandwagon that he can perfectly do this as a Spurs point guard. They believe that players who can light up from three in 20 seconds will make them better. The influence of ESPN NBA and media networks was too much for them to believe. They are making fun of guys who can put up 30 or 60 points but played no defense. We heard Murray will not be great without fixing his shot. Yeah that’s an area of his game is yet to improve but he is doing things others don’t to win.

On his seventh game of the season Dejounte flirted for a triple-double with 2 rebounds away, all of these in 25:53 minutes he played. He did this against savvy veteran Chris Paul which is the most intelligent point guard of basketball and Shai Gilgeous- Alexander which long and good defender of his size. It’s not an easy job for a guy who had a broken jump shot. It was a good bounce back after playing his worst game against the Hawks the other night ago.

Through eight games Murray leads his team into three categories. The rebounds with 8 per game, assists 5.4 and steals with 1.7. Not and eye-popping numbers but he did this in just 23 minutes per game with only 10 attempts which he scored 12.9 points with 50.7 field goal percentage. The kid is not on the same usage as the young guys in the league because of medical advice. With the numbers putting by Luka Doncic and Devin Booker offensively, Murray doing it both ends with only his three is the worst which he made 22%.

What do you think of putting him on the court 12 more minutes once he fully healed? A nightmare! Again his shot is broken, his shot off the ball looks bad. But he is doing the best defending the passing lane and go for transition where he excelled most. Murray using his length to get himself on the rim. Playing against Chris Paul which is a point god is a simple reminder to the league. The Spurs asset is getting started and he’s only 23 yet to enter his prime.

Most of his time playing with the Spurs two bad defensively with DeMar DeRozan and Bryn Forbes. Popovich trusts him too much to carry the team defensively. With three of their losses would you believe that the Spurs can win it of DJ’s on the court to play with. The 16 points straight he scored against the Lakers in the fourth quarter was pretty amazing. Even he struggled against the Hawks he can still help his team win defensively on which Trae Young erupted for 16 of his 29 in the final quarter.

Nobody can believe these things that we’re talking about the kid from Seattle who had a broken shot, with a major injury on his young body and had restrictions on his playing minutes can make the Spurs better. All I know is there are bandwagons praising this kid for giving San Antonio hope s again to making great things.

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