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October 21, 2020

Bam Abedayo is available, the Spurs can rightfully swap LaMarcus Aldridge

As per Brian Windhorst of ESPN, the Miami Heat won’t extend Bam Abedayo to preserve cap space in 2021.

The third-year center is looking for an extension next season after a huge improvement in his game. Bam Abedayo is a top three lock to be the Most Improved Player. Once the Heat can’t extend him this offseason, he will be a restricted free agent. Any team can sign him to an offer sheet and the Miami Heat will match if they want to retain his service.

Miami Heat has been rumored to make a run with Giannis Antetokoumnpo in free agency in 2021. It also predicted as one of the biggest free agencies as one name of it is Kawhi Leonard who can opt-out. The Heat also rumored to make a trade for Victor Oladipo.

Enter the San Antonio Spurs, their current big man LaMarcus Aldridge has one more year fully guaranteed in his contract. These two teams have been in talks about LaMarcus Aldridge trade before the deadline. The only hurdle is the Spurs doesn’t fully commit to Justice Winslow’s injury. This time both teams can make a direct swap one on one or the Spurs can add a future picks as Abedayo status for being an All-Star.

For the Miami Heat, they can still have a cap space comes 2021 as LaMarcus Aldridge’s contract is gone after a season. The Heat can still contend as the big man will provide his experience. The six-time All-Star is capable of 17 and 8 next season. A perfect complement to their young shooter with his post-up skills. Aldridge is also capable of making shots from the arc.

For San Antonio, they become young and more athletic in which most players on the floor run in transition. Bam Abedayo this season has a huge leap on his game, a 16/10/5 per game could be a big help. His interior presence both ends is more than Aldridge and Jakob can bring on the table.

Bam Abedayo has many things left on his game to be improved. His outside game is one of them, but San Antonio had a good shooting coach to fix it. The turnover rate is too high for a center but it was fully understandable at his young age of 23.

More than insurance if Jakob Poeltl chooses to sign elsewhere due to demand for more role.

Spurs also can sign him to an extension and can pay him the money he wants. Without Aldridge contract, Rudy Gay, and Patty Mills expiry contract there’s a lot left on the table even they will extend Derrick White and Jakob Poeltl.

Gregg Popovich can also correct his mistakes as Abedayo mentioned “Pop told him he’s not ready in the last World Cup basketball”.

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