May 17, 2021

Atlanta Hawks wants the playoffs and the Spurs had their needs

The Atlanta Hawks will likely trade their first-round picks just to make a push in their playoffs chances. They finished 14th in the Eastern Conference last season and missed the postseason three years in a row. With Trae Young had two seasons of experience on his belt the front office thinks this is the right time to look for help.

The San Antonio Spurs had their needs with DeMar DeRozan had a player option. Both teams can make a trade offer that could help each other to reach the ultimate goal they want.

Spurs can send DeMar DeRozan to the Hawks via sign and trade for Dwayne Dedmon, the sixth pick of the 2020 NBA Draft, and some salary filler.

DeMar DeRozan is exactly what the Atlanta Hawks needs to be more competitive in the Eastern Conference. The veteran improved himself as a playmaker in San Antonio as he averages 5 assists per game. With multiple shooters from Trae Young, Kevin Huerter, DeAndre Hunter, and John Collins they could improve their percentage make with DeRozan driving the lane and giving these guys wide-open shots from the arc. The Hawks don’t have one like a proven DeRozan that attacked the basket more often which could lead to more opening in the lane. While being a playmaker, he can still contribute 20 points per game that could help Trae Young’s burden on scoring. They could make a run in the Eastern Conference with a deep roster leading by Trae Young and DeMar DeRozan. His playoff experience and had few years of his prime could motivate the young Hawks. Giving up on an unproven lottery pick is a huge win for Atlanta. They could be one of the most exciting teams in the league as they could take many three points shots per game. The Atlanta Haws need a leader, DeMar DeRozan could fill that void. If you got a doubt because he lost in the playoffs against the Cleveland Cavaliers from the past then you’re wrong. DeRozan helps the Toronto Raptors build and reached the Eastern Conference Finals in 2016 before losing again to the Cavs.

While on the Spurs they could have another talent who can help with their rebuild. The sixth pick for them could be a huge asset which either a trade baits if they want to move up or another trade to build more assets in the future. With the said pick they are getting near on guys that they love, like Deni Advija who they love since his playing days in Israel. That talent is something unique that we could see in the future. He’s a forward who can play a point guard and of course, defend everyone on the court. Deni Advija could be someone who could change the future of the franchise.

Without DeMar DeRozan, it means more minutes to Spurs’ wings and guards. Lonnie Walker is one of these guys that could benefit if DeRozan was gone as the guard stuck on th bench with inconsistent minutes until the bubble game came. Then another thing is Spurs will rely on Derrick White and Dejounte Murray’s playmaking skills that could give them more confidently go on. The more time these two played together the better result for San Antonio. While the Spurs also had a massive amount of cap space if they don’t have DeRozan salary next season.

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